Monday, 20 August 2012

Final end of GSoC 2012

Today is firm "pencils down" date, so it's time for summary of work done in last 3 months. I learned a lot during this time and I hope I will be able to work on any GSoC project next year again.
As you know this summer I worked on whiteboarding feature of Swift which is XMPP based chat client. UI side wasn't very demanding and I think the hardest part was the synchronization protocol. There is no standard whiteboard protocol approved by XSF, so I needed to create my own. Remko(my mentor) wanted to use Operational Transformation to keep clients in sync. The problem was that descriptions of OT which I found didn't covered everything. I needed to find own universal method to compute relevant operations for different situations. It took me a while to understand everything and implement it, but final whiteboard works quite nice thanks to that algorithm.  Whole protocol has been implemented in Swiften library, so it could be easily reused in other clients using this library. At this time only one-to-one sessions are supported, but I will try make it work with MUCs after GSoC. I will also have to finish up my XEP, which so far contains descriptions of 4 situations and general way of computing relevant operations.

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  1. I am quite interested in a Multi User Jingle solution driven by a MUC, since that would allow me to start coding a few real-time games based on XMPP/Jingle technology. Any idea how far those attempts have come?