Sunday, 17 June 2012

Improving session class

This week I still worked on session handling and at the end of the week I started working on serialization/parsing of graphics objects. At the beginning of the week I  splitted WhiteboardSession class into IncomingWhiteboardSession and OutgoingWhiteboardSession. I also changed a little a way of responding to initialization IQs. Now IQ result is send no matter if user accepts or not the session. Here is screencast which presents how everything works: Later this week I improved a little initialization from the UI side. Here is new screencast showing these improvements: (I uploaded it to youtube because previous one doesn't work on my computer). As I said before, at the end of the week I worked on serialization and parsing of graphics elements. I created base code to handle this which at now works with a simple line and which I will extend with more elements.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Session handling class

This week I worked on class responsible for managing UI and class used to connect UI with the world. After talking with Remko I transformed WhiteboardController into WhiteboardManager because there is no need for typical controller but only for something taking care of WhiteboardWindow instances. Receiving and sending of data in WhiteboardWindows is done  through WhiteboardSession. Work on this and session manager classes took me most of the week. It can now send and receive raw data and initialize session with other user. Session initialization from user side looks very similar to initialization of file transfer. On received session request information about it with option to accept or cancel session is added to chat window.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Started implementing prototype into Swift

This week I created class to handle freehand paths and I added option to move items up and down. After that I started implementing my prototype into swift. I created classes needed to handle new window and  then I created simple controller class and added simple payload to swiften. I placed my controller in ChatController, but I did that only for testing purposes. I will think about right place for it later. I wanted to "make something working", so I added serialization function to whiteboard window class(It isn't place for it, but it was easiest way to do serialization). After connecting everything in the controller I was able to send lines and handfree paths.