Sunday, 8 July 2012

Working on Operational Transformation

This week I worked on server and client side classes handling Operational Transformation algorithm. I will use them to keep whiteboard between clients in sync. Client and server are just roles assigned to clients and there will be no real server. I am using algorithm similar to this used in Google Wave and I am basing on this description: Server side is quite easy to implement because it takes care only for own operations and operations which are parented somewhere in it's history(it's easy to compute adequate operation to append to the end of history). Because of that it has to store only history of own operations. Client class is more complex. It has to take care of own and has to compute appropriate server operations(which anyway are computed in transformation function during computation of client version operations). So far I have created server with it's unit tests and client which is able to resolve such situation. Next week I will try to expand client class to handle more complicated operations.

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    this is a client side javascript operational transformation algorithm